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So Much Has Changed

It's been over two years since I have updated with any new work.  I have moved accounts twice at my job.  I have moved to a new city three months ago.  My best friend has moved here to be with me.  All and all things are great.  

But I do want to get back to creating graphics.  So if you think you still want to see more of my work and it would be worthwhile for me to invest in some time in my creativity let me know. 

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Sorry to have been gone for so long - I will message anyone that requested anything over the past 2 months to see if you still want me to do it. Things have been hectic as per usual with family, friends, work, life in general. You all know how it goes. I am working the midnight shift now and my hours are now from 9:30 to 5 am and I am off Friday and Saturdays so these are the days I will try to work on request. Thanks to everyone who has still kept me on their friends list and happy belated Valentines Day.
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More Beatle Icons

Well I am pretty much caught up in answering all emails. If you took some icons and did not get a reply then consider this a thank you very much and enjoy ;) I will be making the new list and trying to work on icon request soon. I have been working 10 hour days and it's been hectic because on my days off I have been trying to get ready for my family which decended on my household a few days ago :-P So anyway just to let you all know I haven't forgot about you and will try to answer request soon. Thanks for all your patience. In the meantime please enjoy my new refound obsession with The Beatles. Please take, tell, credit, and share :)

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Degrassi's Cutest Couple Marco & Dylan Icons ;)

flogg requested some Degrassi Marco and Dylan Icons. I customzied some - please take, tell, credit for the customized ones - bases don't need credit unless you want, share, and customize the bases as you wish :) And yes you may ask for customizations.

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*Most Pictures from:
*Brush Credit Post:
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For Mimi - Boy Love

Mimi requested some Boy/Boy icons and here is what I came up with. They where originally just for her but she states that she doesn't mind sharing. So please take, tell, credit in the key words, and share :)

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Updated :)

Everything has been uploaded and now all entries should be showing :) If anyone comes across an entry or pic that is not showing let me know and I will correct it. Now that this is done I can now work on icon request again. Thanks again to everyone for their patience <3
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Going through some changes

After tomorrow you may not be able to see/access some icons until I change servers. I bought my own domain and I am changing web host so I will be changing things over as much as I can during this next coming week. Because of bandwidth issues I haven't been able to post anything new for fear that everything in my icon journal will stop showing up. In fact I have 190 mb left so sometime later today things may stop showing. I appreciate your patience while I switch thing over and will try to post new icons soon.
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