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Graphics, Icons, Imagination....Oh My

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you think you're a guest you're a tourist at best
15 October 1974
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And you think you're a guest
You're a tourist at best
Peering into the corners of
My dark life (Elvis Costello - My Dark Life)


This is the icon journal of clubgirl4u
If you like my icons and wish to keep up with them then add me as a freind. If you like me for more than my icons then please add me under my regular journal for that is where I read my friends pages :)

**Icon Bases
**Still and Animated Icons
**Mini Movies - recent ;)

***CHECK OUT THE MEMORIES SECTION*** In recent news I just added memories section. Whether you are looking for base or customized icons please check out the memories section and see what it contains :)


Comment: Take what you want - tell what you take

Credit: Please credit "icon by mydarklife" in the keywords of your pic

Request: No problem - but please be as clear about what you want as possible - request may take some time as I also lead a busy life

Request Options:
-Images (I don't mind looking for pics but that of course takes longer for your request to be fulfilled so if you have pics in mind then please provide or post links to where I can find them)
-Effects (Any special effects wanted? Fade, Animation, etc.)
-Colors (For type, background, etc.)
-Text (Type of font wanted for text - please see this post as it provides actual pictures of all the fonts I currently posess Fonts)
-Size (For banner, icon, etc.)


If you want to affiliate with me then drop me a line :)

lost_iconses icon_heaven youremad


I am the proud owner of 4 communities and the co-moderator of 2 more :)


brush links

Here is a link to some great brushes I may use:
Jude Bennett Brushes Mitochondria Eve Brushes Truly Sarah Brushes Aurora Brushes kiss my pixels brushes VBrush brushes Insomniac brushes Parodox brushes Engelixe's brushes Sparkledaze angelic-trust.net brushes damned in black brushes prettybrush brushes Anni Kavonholdt Brushes Sea Fairy's Brushes Forbidden Fire Brushes Pinceaux Brushes digital bristle DarkMercy-Brushes Greenspoon Brushes Touchstone's Art 1greeneye Brushes AdamsWebBitz Brushes 7days.net Brushes Eighty-One Brushes Studio911 Brushes Void Brushes Encre Brushes Mechadiva Brushes Silent Reverie Brushes Blueyed-Attitude Brushes Cirratus.org Brushes Waatta Brushes Braggadocio WhurledPeaz

livejournal links

QAF Mood theme by wherethewind__ :)

I have recently discovered serveral lj talented people who make some wonderful icon sized photoshop brushes (texture, border, etc) and from time to time I may use one or several - so the credit goes to the following (if you want to download them for yourself you can find most of the brushes listed in their memories sections or in the 100x100_brushes community):
wannablessedbe boulevard calixa cosmo_mouse counterglow crumblingwalls crushedviolet dtissagirl engelixe inexorablyhere isabellecs lil_button elli dearest oxoniensis pekeana hecatesknickers quebelly rictusem_icons saava sans_espoir serendipitysho shagalote teh_indy aurey dactyliotheca kryssibug02 __kali__ the_morningstar opalnecklace freak_icons oh_pants inxsomniax braggadocio_org dojie cdg_brushes lovetheories luxbella saniagreenleaf wednesday_icons wherethewind__ meleada my_wonderful september_icons _joni

Templates? Well they are new to me but I think I may use some great ones I found through the icontemplated community - credit goes to the following lj peeps:
_sadez_ fawniesicons ladybug_icons lily_blossoms malice_of_mija oddshiz xsnowballinhell whurledpeaz ruuk
I may use and you can also find some great Screen Caps from cap_it community.

If you wish to link back to me, please feel free to do so new1

What's real, what's reality. Your jaded version of life, or my faith in your godlike capabilities - Me
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